A Real-time Multi-vehicle Simulator for Heterogeneous Platoons with an Initial Delay

K. Kim, D.-I. Cho, H. Ko, K.S. Huh, and K. Yi (Korea)


Real-time simulation, Initial delay, Powertrain model, Pla toon simulator, Network con£guration, String stability


This paper presents a real-time multi-vehicle simulator ar chitecture with an initial delay. Detailed vehicle powertrain model is required to simulate the heterogeneous platoon, which is composed of several vehicles, each with differ ent vehicle dynamics. The process requirements are ap proximately 20 % of a 300 MHz Pentium II based PC in the basic simulation option. Considering the usual platoon con£guration in which a platoon is composed of as many as twenty vehicles, the simulator with a network con£gura tion is proposed in order to satisfy the real time simulation constraint. It links several individual powertrain simulators via the TCP/IP network. This network platoon simulator is also linked to a server which graphically displays the multi vehicle platoon operation. In this network con£guration, due to a random delay in data transfer the simulation time kernel is made to lag real time using a simple wait-and-go algorithm. However, in the platoon mode, all inputs and driving scenarios are generated before the start of simula tion, and, therefore, after the initial delay, the simulation and displays step in real time. The network simulator can be used to study the overall platoon operation and the sta bility issues, as well as to develop platoon controllers.

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