A New Model for Web Application Development

J. Zhang and J.-Y. Chung (USA)


web application, architecture, framework, supportingenvironment


A web application is a software system that contains the computing and networking technologies required for use through web browsers on the Internet. Web application development differs from the development of traditional programs, such that the development of web applications can be quite complex, costly and time-consuming, if not supported by a sound infrastructure. In this paper we present a new model for web application development. Synergistically integrating most recent web technologies, such as J2EE, application server, Struts, and XML, we aim to provide a framework to expedite the development of web applications. Underlying architecture adopts the Model-View-Controller paradigm for each application tier from the GUI front-end to the back-end components and underlying databases. Clearly identifying an object oriented component-layered structure for web applications, this architecture leads to ideal code packaging. On the basis of the architecture, and with the aid of our web code generator and additional menu system generator, we present a supporting environment tailored to automate web application development. Finally, we discuss an example of web application developed with our infrastructure, a university administration system.

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