A Modular Approach to Robot Simulation Tools

K. Vollmann (Germany)


Robot Simulation System; Parametric Components;Visual Component(s); KUKA Roboter GmbH.


High end simulation and computer aided robotic tools are used in the automotive industry. The non-automotive industry is provided with a variety of applications or manufacturer specific simulation tools. Especially the simulation and offline programming tools from robot manufacturers required rather good knowledge of the programming language and CAD experience in order to start. We present here KUKA’s new range of simulation tools based on visual components, in which complexity of 3D simulation is encapsulated and hidden from typical end users. Many innovative features, like dragging and dropping from an e-catalogue and an easy to use and learn teach environment, have been successfully implemented. With this simulation tools users find right level of functionality to accomplish their respective tasks. Even beginners will be able to quickly design robot cells and benefit from the virtual world of robot simulation.

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