Simulation of Distributed Systems by Means of MSCs

E. Lallet, J.-L. Raffy, P. Maigron, S. Budkowski, and C. Mayer (France)


Methodology and Tools for Applications, Estelle, Distributed Systems


We present in this paper a methodology, illustrated by an example, for the simulation of a protocol using the MSC tool developed by INT. The MSC tool is part of the ”Estelle Development Toolset” (XEDT), a set of tools devoted to the Formal Description Technique Estelle. We start with a brief description of Estelle and present a general methodology for an Estelle development with XEDT. Then we present the step by step simulation phase, the animation of the pro tocol and the advantages of the strong coupling of our MSC tool with the simulator/debugger of XEDT.

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