Scenario-based Visual Analysis for Static and Dynamic Models in OOA

Y. Chubachi, Y. Matsuzawa, and H. Ohiwa (Japan)


scenario-based analysis, OOA, visual analysis, class diagram, sequence diagram


An analysis method named “Scenario-based Visual Anal ysis(SVA)“ is proposed for supporting the early stage of object-oriented analysis(OOA) for software development. In this method, objects, actions and relations are extracted from the scenario description as collaborators of the sys tem. Visual sequential representation of the scenario sug gest an analyst to identify object groups and action groups. These groups are to become static class diagrams, and dynamic sequence ones. A visual editor to support this method has been developed for representing extracted col laborators in a schematic form that helps an analysts’ in tuitive decision for forming a class structure in OOA. An evaluation of the method and the editor was performed for the elevator problem and a promising result has been ob tained.

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