Web Code Generator

J. Zhang and J.-Y. Chung (USA)


automatic code generation tool, web application, web engineering


Automatic code generation is becoming increasingly common and useful in software development, a result of the need to hide complexity from software developers and the acceptance of various standards and de facto standard application programming interfaces. Utilizing code generator will greatly improve reliability and reusability of the code, as well as introduce a more formal and automated approach to the development cycle. In this paper we present a web code generator (WGenerator) to help facilitate development of web applications. WGenerator possesses a framework tailored for web applications, as well as provides a set of template system that is specific to web applications to help generate a web system except business logic. We discuss an example of web application generated by WGenerator, a university administration system. Our initial experience with this system indicates that WGenrator can provide improvements in development speed while also enhancing the reliability of the resulting applications.

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