Analytical Modeling of Block Probabilities in WDM-based Optical Networks with Fixed Alternate Routing and Trunk Reservation

A. Khalil, C. Assi, and M. Ali (USA)


RWA, WDM, Analytical Model, Trunk Reservation.


This paper presents a new analytical model to compute approximate blocking probabilities in all-optical wavelength-routed networks. The model is based on the layered-graph approach and model the arrival rate as a Poisson distribution and utilizes the moment matching techniques; specifically the Equivalent Random Method (ERM) to model the overflow traffic between different wavelength layers and between alternate routes, such method has been successful tools for the analysis of overflow systems [13]. The model studies the blocking performance of fixed routing (FR), fixed-alternate routing (FAR) and fixed alternate routing with trunk reservation (FARwTR). The performance of the analytical model is compared with those of the conventional models that use heuristic algorithms.

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