A Power-efficient Protocol for the Construction of Broadcast Trees in Multi-hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

F. Li and K. Wu (Canada)


Wireless Networks, Power Efficient Broadcast, Multi-hopAd Hoc Networks


We study the construction of the source-initiated wireless broadcast tree to minimize the total required power for a given source node and a group of intended destination nodes. The Minimum-Energy Broadcasting (MEB) problem is challenging due to the constraints of limited bandwidth of wireless networks and limited power supply of mobile units. This paper presents an effective Iterative Maximum-Branch Minimization (IMBM) method to approximate the construction of the minimum-energy broadcast tree, which fully utilizes the broadcast feature of wireless links. The proposed IMBM protocol differs significantly from other existing algorithms in that it assumes an initial broadcast tree establishment procedure and gradually minimizes the total required tree power in an iterative fashion based on the initial tree. It can either be used as an act-alone approach or be applied to the broadcast trees generated by other existing algorithms to minimize the required power further. The experimental results show the benefit, feasibility, and efficiency of the presented approach.

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