Middleware for Synchronous Group Communication in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

T. Umedu, K. Yasumoto, A. Nakata, H. Yamaguchi, and T. Higashino (Japan)



In this paper, we propose a Java-based middleware for group communication in wireless ad hoc networks. The proposed middleware provides facilities for estab lishing multi-way synchronization channels among mul tiple agents (processes executed in mobile hosts) based on their locations. Through multi-way synchronization channels, agents can execute events on the same channel synchronously to exchange data. Through some experi ments on IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN, we have conīŦrmed that the proposed middleware provides practically good performance in each channel establishment, time for each synchronization execution, and data transfer rate. middleware, ad hoc networks, group communica tion, Java, multi-way synchronization

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