An 80 Gbit/s RZ and Carrier-suppressed-RZ Signal Transmission over 200-km Standard Single-mode Fiber by using Mid-span Optical Phase Conjugation based on Four-wave Mixing in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

J. Inoue, H. Sotobayashi, W. Chujo, and H. Kawaguchi (Japan)


Mid-span optical phase conjugation, Four-wave mixing,Semiconductor optical amplifier, Single-mode fiber,Carrier-suppressed return-to-zero signal, Dispersioncompensation


An 80-Gbit/s conventional return-to-zero and carrier suppressed return-to-zero optical time-division multiplexing signals transmission over a 200-km standard single-mode fiber was experimentally demonstrated. This was achieved by using a mid-span optical phase conjugation based on four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers. In addition, it was confirmed that the transmitted carrier-suppressed return-to-zero optical signal’s phase-relation was maintained.

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