System Performance Analysis of Ad Hoc Wireless Network with Directional Antenna

R. Pal and M.N. Pal (India)


Directional Antenna, MAC, Longevity,Medium Utilization, Cost of Antenna, Cost of Overhead,Multicriteria Decision Making, Analytic HierarchyProcess.


The use of directional antennas in the context of ad hoc networks helps to reduce radio interference,thereby improving the utilization of the wireless medium. Various researchers have proposed directional MAC protocols but there is no study so far to analyse the overall system performance of directional antenna. In this paper we have identified several criteria and investigated their interrelationships and impact on overall system performance in this context. We have used optimization techniques using multicriterion decision analysis. We have applied analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to identify the relative weights of different criteria to solve the optimization problem by Global Criteria Approach. The results show that the directivity of directional antenna is important but is not the only criterion for better system performance in every situation. The situation and the application specific scenario play an important role in affecting the system performance.

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