Dynamic Priority Scheduling Discipline

C.-K. Siew, J. Tang, G.-B. Huang, J. Sheng, and M.-H. Er (Singapore)


Dynamic Priority Scheduling, Packet scheduling, Fair Queuing


This paper proposes a new packet scheduling discipline called Dynamic Priority Scheduling discipline (DPS). DPS introduces an enhanced token bucket to capture the state of each active flow in the system, based on which a dynamic priority is assigned to each packet from that flow. Packets from all the flows are then served in increasing order of the dynamic priority. In DPS, conformant flows are given priority over non conformant flows to provide rate guarantees for individual flow. By introducing the concept of negative token to the enhanced token bucket, non-conformant packets are served whenever excess bandwidth is avail able. This enhanced token bucket mechanism works as a priority generating leaky bucket that integrates the traffic shaping function and scheduling function, which makes it distinct from a traditional leaky bucket.

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