Pseudo-random Interleaver Design for Turbo Codes

J. Li (PRC), E.H. Qi (USA), and Q. Liang (PRC)


Turbo codes, Interleaver, bit error rate, encoder


In the investigation of turbo codes, an interleaver is an crucial component to improve performance of turbo codes. At low Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR), the bit error rate (BER) of turbo codes with random interleavers, which can reduce the error coefficient {Dm}, is lower than that obtained with structured interleavers, which can improve the minimum Hamming weight of the interleaved codes. At high SNR, it is in general the other way round by proper design. By combining these two kinds of interleavers, this paper proposes a new type of pseudo-random structured interleaver. Simulation results show that turbo codes with the proposed pseudo-random structured interleaver can achieve remarkable performance no matter in low SNR or in high SNR. When the bit error rate (BER) is 10-5 , turbo codes can obtain the asymptotic coding gain about 0.5dB with the proposed pseudo-random structured interleaver than with the random interleaver.

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