A Family of Protocols for Group Key Generation in Ad Hoc Networks

A. Yasinsac, V. Thakur, S. Carter, and I. Cubukcu (USA)


Cryptographic Protocols, Ad Hoc Networks


With the pervasive distribution of highly mobile computing devices, establishing dynamic networks among these mobile nodes is a growing demand. This new field of study has come to be known as ad hoc networking. Because of the nature of ad hoc networks, protecting communication in this environment is difficult, with solutions based on cryptographic techniques. Most existing group key management techniques are not suited to the ad hoc network environment. In this paper we give a family of efficient cryptographic protocols for establishing secure groups in the ad hoc network environment. We begin by detailing the foundational protocol based on the Diffie-Hellman key exchange and show how this protocol is efficient and secure. We go on to give protocols for group join and exclusion, and a corresponding set of authenticating group protocols based on our foundational protocol.

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