Delay based Bandwidth Allocation in Aggregate Traffic

B. Budiardjo, B.A.A. Nazief, and D. Hartanto (Indonesia)


Aggreggate traffic, end-to-end delay,bandwidth allocation, delay-sensitive flow


Aggregating traffic into a shared link yields to unexpected end-to-end delay of packet delivery. This additional delay may add up to the already critical end-to end delay of packets delivery of delay sensitive flows. This condition may degrade the Quality of Service (QoS) of the flows. This paper discusses a scheme to allocate bandwidth in a shared link like the DS path, by determining the end to-end delay of packet delivery of the requesting flow prior to allocating bandwidth. Flows having out of bound end-to-end delay will not get the required bandwidth. With this admission procedure, the QoS of the aggregate flows could be preserved. From the simulation study we learnt that logical resource allocation is unsafe to be used to allocate bandwidth for delay sensitive applications. Knowledge of possible end-to-end delay is essential to aid the allocation process. The size of packet for delay sensitive flows is critical. Delay sensitive flows prefer small packet size, 1,750 bytes or less to minimize the end-to-end delay.

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