An Efficient Approach to Enhance Capacity Allocation over Bluetooth Network

L.T. Son, H. Schiøler, and O.B. Madsen (Denmark)


Bluetooth, Scatternet, Capacity allocation, Network control, Congestion control, Capacity assignment


With the current development of mobile devices, short range wireless communications have become more and more popular, and research on short range wireless com munications, such as Bluetooth, has gained increasing in terest, in industry as well as in academy. This paper an alyzes capacity allocation issues in Bluetooth network as convex optimization problem. We formulate the problem of maximizing of total network flows and minimizing the costs of flows. The hybrid distributed capacity allocation scheme HDICA is proposed as an approximated solution of the stated optimization problem that satisfies quality of ser vice requirements and topologically induced constraints in the Bluetooth network, such as node and link capacity limi tations. The proposed scheme is decentralized and complies with frequent changes of topology as well as capacity lim itations and flow requirements in the network. Simulation shows that the performance of Bluetooth network could be improved by applying the hybrid distributed iterative capac ity allocation scheme.

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