A Dynamic File Allocation Policy for Reliable and Real-time Mobile Information Systems

A. Nakaniwa (Japan) and W.W. Chu (USA)


Resource Management, Mobile Database Systems, Dynamic File Allocation, Distributed Systems, Knowledge Based Reallocation Policy


Recent advances in wireless communication technology have made dynamic file allocation in mobile networks an important issue. In particular, our objective in this paper is to provide reliable and real-time information services in mobile computing environments. We have proposed a two phase dynamic file allocation strategy to best satisfy the critical reliability and query response time requirements in distributed mobile database systems. This strategy consists of two phases: 1) periodically generating optimal file allocation via a heuristic algorithm based on the complete system state information and 2) knowledge-based file real location based on limited system state change information. Using this strategy, the file allocation can be dynamically reconfigured and adapt to system needs to provide reliable and real-time mobile database services.

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