Traffic Channel Assignment in Cellular Wireless Networks

J. Holt and A.O. Fapojuwo (Canada)


Channel Assignment, Sequential Trellis Search


This paper proposes a sequential trellis search (STS) algorithm for solving the channel assignment problem in cellular wireless networks. The basic idea of the proposed algorithm is step-by-step (sequential) channel assignment with the objectives of minimum bandwidth required at every step, subject to adjacent channel and co-channel separation constraints. Performance of the STS is evaluated by computer simulation, applied to ten benchmark problems on channel assignment. Results from computer simulation studies show that bandwidth requirements by STS closely match or are sometimes better than those of the existing channel assignment algorithms. Furthermore, it is found that execution of STS is approximately 50 times faster than the local search algorithm - the existing channel assignment algorithm with the least bandwidth requirements. The combined advantages of minimum bandwidth required and fast execution time make the STS a useful candidate for cellular wireless network planning.

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