Service Differentiation based on Acyclic Deflection Routing in Optical Burst Switching Networks

W. Tang (PRC), W.-H. So and Y.-C. Kim (Korea)


Deflection, optical burst switching, service differentiation


Optical burst switching (OBS) is a viable switching technology for the next-generation optical backbone. A significant issue in OBS networks is contention resolution. Deflection routing is one of contention resolution mechanisms in optical networks. In this paper, acyclic deflection routing (ADR) algorithm is proposed for OBS networks. The main idea of this algorithm is to determine the deflection ports based on the path-degree of nodes. Thus, ADR algorithm supports the ordered transmission of burst data and distributes the traffic of deflection paths among intermediate nodes with low path-degree. We also consider supporting QoS and propose the routing scheme for service differentiation, and investigate the performance of it in prioritized OBS networks through simulation.

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