Stateless Autoconfiguration of IPv6 Site-local Addresses

T. Yoshihiro, M. Shimada, Y. Okabe, and K. Iwama (Japan)


zeroconf, IPv6, stateless autoconf, ad-hoc networking, home networking


We propose a new framework for stateless autoconfiguration of IPv6 site-local addresses with “zero configuration.” When a router is connected to a link as the first router, it be comes the link leader and generates an address prefix with randomly generated 16-bit subnet ID for the link. In order to assure the uniqueness of the prefix addresses, we show a protocol, which is an extension of RIPng, for detecting prefixes conflicts. When a conflict is detected, its link leader is notified of it immediately. The link leader generates a new prefix and renumber to new one via IPv6 address renum bering scheme.

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