Wireless Sporadic Communication Protocol for Supporting Cluster-to-base Station Communication

C. Kato, S. Harada, and H. Higaki (Japan)


Mobile Networks, Routing Protocols, Sporadic Communication, Wireless LAN.


Recently, mobile computers have become able to commu nicate with each other by using a wireless LAN protocol, e.g. IEEE802.11 and HIPERLAN, for supporting various internet services. In case that a mobile computer changes a location with high speed, less messages are exchanged between the mobile computer and the Internet. This pa per proposes a novel routing protocol CB-WSCP for a mo bile clustered networks in which mobile computers with al most the same velocity and communication with each other by multi-hop transmission form a cluster. Here, commu nication between a cluster and a base station is available iff at least one mobile computer in the cluster is within a transmission range of the base station. Hence, it is re quired to support sporadic communication. For achieving wider bandwidth even though the cluster moves with a high speed, a proposed protocol achieves switching of gateways and updating of routing tables.

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