Maximum Sensor Reuse with a Given Communication Bound

G. Fan and J. Zhang (USA)


Sensor Network, Sensor Reuse, Optimization, Computational Geometry.


A wireless sensor network is composed of a distributed collection of nodes which can corporate to perform sensing, computation and communication tasks. Since sensor nodes operate on battery power, their communication range will decline as time goes on. When the energy of sensor nodes has been consumed to a level that they cannot communicate with each other, the network cannot be sustained and might be replaced by a new sensor network. However, the old sensors may have a lot of valuable data. Instead of totally deserting the old sensors, it is wise to deploy the new sensor network in a way such that the information stored in the old sensors can be maximally retrieved. The problem, referred to as the maximum sensor reuse, can be formulated as follows: given a number of existing sensors with a certain communication bound and a blanket layout of new sensor network, deploy the new sensor network to maximize the number of existing sensors that are within the given communication bound of new sensors. This paper proposes an efficient solution to solve the problem. Specifically, the problem can be solved in O(n2 logn) time if n existing sensors are to be considered.

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