Expansion of Reliable IP Networks with Performance Guarantees

S. Chamberland (Canada)


Internet protocol (IP) networks, network expansion, optimization, mathematical model, tabu-search.


In this paper we deal with the problem of how to expand in ternet protocol (IP) networks with performance guarantees in a cost-effective way. We first propose an optimization model that deals with selecting the location of the routers, selecting their types, expanding the access and the core net works and selecting the transmission link types (e.g., OC 3, OC-12, etc.). The model also consider the routing of the IP traffic using standardized routing protocols. The per formance guarantee we refer to are bandwidth guarantees between the clients’ routers. A tabu-based heuristic algo rithm is proposed to find solutions of the model. Finally, an illustrative example is presented and analyzed. The re sults show that quasi-optimal solutions can be found with the proposed algorithm.

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