Performance Optimizations for High-speed TCP on BCL

G. Fan, M. Jie, and M. Dan (PRC)


Network performance, TCP/IP optimizations, Cluster,BCL, BCL/IP, Myrinet


This paper presents experiences with TCP/IP optimizations on BCL - a high-performance low-level communication protocol used on a cluster of SMPs called DAWNING-4000. We presently implement the TCP/IP support on BCL with a gigabit-per-second Myrinet network. This implementation (called BCL/IP) efficiently realizes most of the common optimizations for TCP/IP. Our experiment results demonstrate that the improvement of TCP performance over Fast Ethernet by orders of magnitude is possible. The one-way latency decreases from 63.9 µs to 38.8 µs, while the bandwidth increases from 94 Mb/s to 931 Mb/s. BCL/IP enables most of communication software such as WWW, NFS and FTP applications, which are based on TCP/IP, to obviously benefit from the high-speed Myrinet network. The binary compatibility with these applications is realized on BCL/IP.

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