Interactive MPEG Video Streaming over IP-Networks: A Performance Report

M. Furini and M. Roccetti (Italy)


Multimedia Communications, Quality of Service Issue,Multimedia over IP-Networks, Frame Dropping


The popularity of interactive video streaming applications have pushed researchers to propose mechanisms for sup porting these applications over the Internet. Several studies showed that interactive operations are well supported if the end-to-end delay, experienced by the application traffic, is kept lower than a pre-defined threshold. Recently, it has been proposed a new approach that acts on the video QoS (by dropping frame) in order to provide interactive features. The mechanism has been tested with Motion JPEG videos. The contribution of this paper is to evaluate the mechanism with MPEG videos, in order to investigate the behavior of the mechanism when the video is encoded with one of the more popular inter-frame techniques. Further, since the mechanism acts on the video QoS, we also present a QoS evaluation of the perceived video play out quality.

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