Fast and Consistent Packet Classification Scheme Via Efficient Hash-caching

F. Li and K. Wu (Canada)


DiffServ, QoS, Packet Classification


Differentiated Services (DiffServ) architecture is the IETF’s current focus on providing Quality of Service (QoS) in IP networks, and fast accurate implementation of packet classification is one of the central points for the realization of emerging differentiated network services. In this paper, we propose a fast and consistent packet classification architecture via efficient hash-caching strategies, which take advantage of the hashing feature to reduce the memory access latency as much as possible and take the Internet traffic characteristics into account to improve the cache hit rate. Moreover, the presented approach can also efficiently deal with the accuracy and consistency issues for classifying the fragmented IP packets. Notably, all the existing packet classification schemes do not have efficient hash-caching strategies, therefore, the presented approach can be applied to other fast packet classification schemes to obtain faster classification approaches.

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