A QoS-based Anycast Protocol in Differentiated Service Networks

H. Niimi, A. Nakaniwa, H. Ebara, and H. Okada (Japan)


Anycast, Diffserv, Quality of Service issues, Server Selection, CDNs


The anycast communication protocol are to select the best server and the best route for a particular client from a group of replicated servers with similar contents. As users have come to demand contents with high QoS, the necessity to support the anycast communications in QoS networks has grown. In this paper, we propose a new application-level QoS-based anycast protocol in differentiated service networks. In this protocol, we introduce the Extended-Bandwidth Broker (E-BB) with some extended functions such as the route cache to achieve the distributed resource management. The protocol we propose has the following advantages. 1) Our protocol is able to effectively discover the best server and the best route that satisfy the users’ QoS requirements 2) High reliability can be secured by decentralized control. 3) The latest server and route information can be constantly acquired through distributed resource management by E-BB.

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