An Application-based Forwarding Model of MPLS ATM System for Differential Services

E.-H. Kim, B.-H. Lee, and Y.-J. Cho (Korea)


MPLS, ATM, Differential Service, Forwarding Engine


A number of MPLS ATM switching system have been proposed to increase the access speed of current routers, but they cannot satisfy the Internet users who use diverse applications. So they are required to support the so-called differential service, which discriminates service behaviors according to the service class. In this paper, to support this differential service we suggest an LSP control method, which establishes several different LSPs for each FEC according to the service class. Also, we propose a marking algorithm using the cell loss priority field of ATM cells in order to process the differential service according to application categories. In addition, we present a forwarding procedure based on the LSP control method and the marking algorithm. A forwarding model applied this forwarding procedure can be easily implemented with a minimum modification of existing MPLS ATM switching systems. Therefore, we can save cost and time needed to implement the proposed model. Finally, we estimate the performance behaviors of the proposed application-based forwarding model by the AweSim simulation package.

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