A New Inter-Domain QoS Routing Architecture for QoS-enabled Networks

H.A. Mantar, J. Hwang, S.J. Chapin, and I.T. Okumus (USA)


Inter-domain QoS Routing, BandwidthBroker (BB), Resource Management.


As the Internet evolves into a global commercial infrastructure, the need for guaranteed quality of service (QoS) is growing exponentially. Today, most of the traffic in the Internet traverses multiple domains, making a consistent description and treatment of priority traffic across domains a necessity. To achieve this in a scalable and practical way, we use a combination of a Bandwidth Broker (BB) in each domain and Differentiated Services (Diffserv) routing. In this paper we present a scalable and efficient distributed inter-domain QoS routing architecture for resource management over multiple domains by taking both technical and business-related issues into account. A BB in each domain has two main routing components, the Exterior Route Server (eRS) and the Interior Route Server (iRS). An iRS dynamically monitors, and maintains a database of, intra-domain resource utilization state based on supported edge-to-edge QoS classes. An eRS performs all inter-domain routing functions on behalf of its entire domain. The eRS optimizes network resources by taking intra-domain utilization state provided by the iRS into account in route selection. It also achieves scalability by pre-computing a limited number of paths for each destination region and mapping all the packets to one of these paths regardless of their original sources.

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