Mobile Game Programming using GVM and Mobile-C

P. Kim, S. Na, S. Ko, and S. Oh (Korea)


Mobile Game, GVM, Mobile C


Due to the rapid growth of Internet, computer games have evolved from offline PC games to online games. The Internet has also made it possible to provide game services not only in the wired but also in the wireless environments. In reality however with the limited memory and lower processing power the mobile environment is unable to provide the kind of services – information in multimedia format & convenient user interactivity – that the wired environment can do[2]. This paper develops a mobile game written in MobileC language and designed to run on GVM(General Virtual Machine) which adopts the download solution based on WAP(Wireless Application Protocol). And in the process of designing and implementing the mobile game, we suggest a development model that is most effective in the limited runtime environment of mobile devices. GVM is the virtual platform that can easily run mobile applications dynamically on mobile devices[4].

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