Performance Evaluation of a Source-based Video Distribution Strategy for Reservation-based Multimedia Systems

B. Veeravalli and X. Li (Singapore)


Network caching, multicast tree, link availability, cachespace, video-on-reservation


In this paper, we address the problem of minimizing the cost of servicing a set of requests demanding a multimedia document(MMD) in a Video-on-Reservation (VOR) sys tem. In order to provide a guaranteed QoS, generation of multicast trees with end-to-end delay constraint is rec ommended to minimize the costs. Since such a kind of problem in its generic form is NP-complete, we propose a heuristic algorithm, referred to as Source-Based Schedul ing(SBS) algorithm, which judiciously combines the con cept of multicast routing and network caching to solve the problem in polynomial time. As in a real-life situation, we consider constraints such as link availability, cache capac ity, MMD availability at a site, etc, in the problem formu lation explicitly. We testify our design by quantifying the performance on average cost and acceptance ratio with re spect to several influencing parameters through simulation experiments.

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