Wireless LAN Access Point Modeling as a Queuing System

I. Al Khatib, G.Q. Maguire, Jr., R. Ayani, and D. Forsgren (Sweden)


Wireless LAN, access point, IEEE 802.11, modeling, queuing system, delay


This paper presents a research study of wireless LAN access points for IEEE 802.11b, where we seek to model the access point as a queuing system. The model can be used to compare performance metrics of different wireless LAN access points and to investigate the QoS of specific applications in the presence of a wireless LAN access point. In this paper, we focus on two parameters: the delay introduced by a wireless LAN access point and the average service time required to serve a packet passing through an access point. A major result is an analytic solution for the average service time of a packet in relationship to payload.

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