A Video Delivery and Merging Protocol for a Large-scale Video Archive

C.-C. Hsu, T. Aoki, H. Yasuda, Y. Ishibashi, T. Kogure, and F. Hasegawa (Japan)


Video-on-Demand (VoD), IP Multicast, Video Merging, Large-Scale Video Archival and Retrieval System, ActiveVideo Delivery (AVD).


This paper addresses issues regarding the delivery of a multiple video digest over the Internet. It considers the problems that exist in the current state of IP Multicast, and proposes a novel and more efficient delivery mechanism called Active Video Delivery (AVD) intended for large-scale video archival and retrieval systems. Upon a user’s request, the server provides an initial multiple video digest preview, instead of requiring a direct download of large video files. With such a system in place two problems can be solved: (i) the shortening of time required for retrieving of videos from a peta-byte large-scale video archive; and (ii) helping users choose desired content more efficiently. With properly chosen the AVD stream regeneration threshold, this multiple video digest mechanism also allowed for a significant reduction in the video server bandwidth requirement and in minimizing network cost. These results were obtained both in analytic models and in simulations conducted at our research lab using the AVD mechanism, which is based on the concept of Active Networks [1].

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