Hierarchical Architecture of Mobility Agent using Logical Layer Concept for Mobile Computing Environments

D.H. Kim, K.W. Kang, Y.H. Kang, and K.M. Cho (Korea)


Mobile Computing, Mobile IP, Location Registration,Logical Layer Concept, Foreign Agents


This paper attempts to improve the existing architecture of foreign agents for location registration in mobile computing networks. The proposed approach, referred to as a logical hierarchy architecture of databases, enhances the existing hierarchical architecture of databases, thereby reducing the location registration cost. The proposed architecture begins by organizing the physical databases in the lowest level into clusters, called logical groups, which are then represented by logical nodes in the next layer up. Thereafter, these logical nodes are regrouped into clusters and treated as single nodes in the next level up for all successive levels until all mobility agents are included in a tree-type logical hierarchy architecture. When compared with the existing physical hierarchy architecture of databases, the results confirmed that the proposed logical hierarchy architecture could reduce the number of databases and average total location registration cost.

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