A Multiple Gateway Mobile IP Hierarchy Supporting Load Sharing and Fault-tolerance

G.-J. Lee, S.-J. Hong, and J. Kim (Korea)


Mobile IP, multiple gateway, load-sharing, fault-tolerance.


A micro-mobility protocol offers efficient local handoff by using a Foreign Agent (FA) hierarchy. A single rooted FA hierarchy, however, is sensitive to the failure of the root FA and loads for all Mobile Nodes (MNs) in the hierarchy are concentrated to the single root FA. Some schemes are proposed to solve problems with the single rooted FA hierarchy. These previous schemes support multiple root FAs as Gateway FA (GFA). Nevertheless, they cannot distribute loads of MNs fairly to several root FAs and overcome the limitation of the anchor handoff scheme, i.e., a new root FA of the MN inherits the MN’s load on the original root FA. In this paper, we propose a new intra-domain mobility service scheme with multiple GFAs. In the proposed scheme, MN’s default GFA determines which GFA provides mobility service to a MN by cooperating with other GFAs during the MN’s home registration process. So our scheme supports more fair load sharing in comparison with previously proposed schemes. Our scheme also supports independent load sharing among cooperating GFAs in the same domain.

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