Video Coding for Multimedia Communication using a Novel Orthogonal Logarithmic Search Algorithm

S. Soongsathitanon and S.S. Dlay (UK)


Orthogonal Logarithmic Search, MotionEstimation, Block matching algorithms, Three-StepSearch, Full Search Algorithm, Low bit rate VideoCoding


The paper presents a novel Orthogonal Logarithmic Search (OLS) method for block base motion compensation. The performance of the algorithm is evaluated by using standard QCIF benchmark video sequences and the results are compared to a traditional well-known full search algorithm (FSA) and a sub optimal method called the Three Step Search (3SS). The evaluation considers the three important metrics, time, entropy and PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio). The paper also shows that the strength of the algorithm lies in its speed of operation as it is 95% faster than the FSA and over 60% faster than the 3SS.

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