An Efficient Hybrid Replication Protocol for Highly Available Distributed System

H-Y. Youn, B. Krishnamsetty, D. Lee, B.-K. Lee, J.S. Choi, H.G. Kim, C.W. Park, and L.H. Su (Korea)


Replication, Tree Quorum, Grid Protocol, Distributed System, Availability.


In large distributed systems, replication of data and service are needed to decrease the communication cost, increase the overall availability, avoid single server bottleneck, and also to increase the reliability. Tree quorum protocol is one of the replication protocols, which exploits a logical structure and allows very low read cost in the best case. Grid protocol is another replication protocol allowing high read availability but a same cost for all cases. In this paper we propose a new replication protocol called hybrid protocol which capitalizes the merits of both the tree protocol and grid protocol. We conduct cost and availability analysis of the protocols and simulate for comparing response time and throughput. The proposed hybrid protocol displays comparable read and write avail ability to the tree protocol with much smaller number of nodes, while the response time and throughput are much better. It is thus effective for applying it to survival storage system.

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