Development and Validation of a Multicast Client/Server Model for Cooperative Control Sessions

G. Fortino (Italy), J.C. Guerri (Spain), C. Mastroianni (Italy), C.E. Palau (Spain), and W. Russo (Italy)


Multicast Client/Server, Cooperative Control, CSCW, Event-based Simulation.


Beyond the unicast client/server model, Internet applications and services are currently exploiting new interaction and communication models such as peer-to peer and multicast. In this paper, we propose the definition and the validation through simulation of a multicast client/server model. The model is suitable for enabling real-time cooperative control sessions within a synchronous group of peers. In a cooperative control session each participant can affect the session global state by sending control commands to the server complex which provides the service (e.g., media streaming, web browsing, etc) requested by the group. The defined model is implemented as a high-level protocol in an object oriented simulation framework in order to analyze the dynamics of a cooperative control session. For the simulation study, two representative topologies, namely star and chain topologies, are considered.

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