An Object Delivery Framework for Mobile and Distributed Information Retrieval using Mobile Agents

M.-C. Lee, K.H. Tsai, and T.I. Wang (Taiwan)


Mobile Agent, Mobile Platform, Mobile Computing, Distributed System


This paper describes a data object delivering framework to achieve high performance data transfer for mobile agents in distributed information retrieval applications. These applications are starting using new network communication device such as wireless LAN for supporting mobile computing. Performance issue is always critical for these applications; and mobile agent, after being proven to consume fewer network resources, is a promising tool for them. While in many multiple-hop tasks, such as for distributed database transactions or information mining from WWW, a mobile agent may be loaded with a large amount of intermediate result objects when visiting subsequent sites. These objects are either targeted for home place or to be used in later service stations. Each service station has to cache these objects whether it will use them or not. Time and resources are therefore wasted. The dynamic object delivery framework in this paper can resolve above problems and provide a highly efficient way of transmitting data objects of mobile agents.

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