Output Process Analysis of Integrated Voice/Data Wireless LANs with CSMA/CA Protocol

W. Yue and Y. Matsumoto (Japan)


WLANs, Real-Time Bursty Traffic and Data Traffic, CSMA/CA Protocol, Performance Evaluation, Output Process, Higher Moments


Higher moments are important for performance evaluation of interconnected networks and multi-hop networks with integrated voice and data traffic. In this paper, we present an analysis method for an integrated voice and data wire less LAN with non-persistent carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA) protocol to exactly derive the moment generating function of the packet inter departure time for the output process. The system model consists of a finite number of users to share a common channel. Each user can be a source of both voice traffic and data traffic. A time frame has a large number of slots and includes two parts: the collision avoidance period and the packet transmission period. The system can support the real-time traffic well by the chosen pulse transmission probability. Numerical examples include comparisons be tween the single and multiple traffic system models in term as the coefficient of variation of packet interdeparture time by differentiating the moment generating functions.

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