On Special-purpose Hardware Clusters for High-performance Computational Grids

J.M. Lehrter, F.N. Abu-Khzam, D.W. Bouldin, M.A. Langston, and G.D. Peterson (USA)


Grid and Reconfigurable Computing, Algorithms for Heterogeneous Systems, Cluster Computing


The problem of incorporating advanced hardware re sources into a grid computing environment is consid ered. An experimental special-purpose cluster of ma chines is designed and placed into service on a pro totypical grid. The cluster is populated with CAD workstations, PCs and reconfigurable devices, and then used to develop accelerated implementations for amenable applications. Access mechanisms are de vised so that users may request either software solu tions, which may be satisfied by our cluster or a vari ety of other clusters resident on the grid, or accelerated solutions, which can only be satisfied by hardware enhanced clusters such as ours. Preliminary results are described. A number of continuing research issues are addressed.

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