Grid Computing Distribution using Network Processors

B. Liljeqvist and L. Bengtsson (Sweden)


grid computing, network processors, load balancing


This paper suggests a new Grid computing architecture using programmable routers with network processors to distribute computing tasks at wire speed in a grid. Task Message datagrams containing code and data, but without explicit destination addresses are sent across the network, e.g. the Internet, and are immediately routed to the most appropriate computer by the network processors. Only a return IP address specifying where to send the resulting data is supplied. Ideally, the routers communicate with each other and with the computers according to our Grid Protocol, but a solution also exists for building a similar architecture on top of TCP/IP. Routers keep information of the workload and/or the availability of the connected computers, and the aggregated capacity of the rest of the Grid, as seen through the nearest routers. The purpose is to efficiently utlilize and load balance all computers on the Grid in a truly distibuted fashion, creating a highly scalable Grid and performance enhancements.

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