Sequence-based Optimal Multicast-trees

M. Ibramsha (USA)


www, multicast, optimal, sequence, fuzzy hamming-distance, shortest path.


: Sheik Abdul Khader et al [1] have developed a linguistic model of Internet link-performance. The linguistic model had been used to identify an optimal shortest path between a source and destination over the Internet [2] using the Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP) algorithm of Prof. E. W. Dijkstra [3]. The derivation in [1,2] used Fuzzy Hamming-Distance [4] as cost of the links. Here, the linguistic model is extended such that the fuzzy opinion of every user influences the cost of the links. The algorithm is incremental and identifies an optimal multicast tree for a given time sequence adding one member at a time or removing a number of members in one step. However, in actual practice, the members may leave one at a time only. The proof of optimality is given. The algorithm is linear time in links for adding one member to the group or deleting a number of members from the group. The algorithm can be implemented as centralized or distributed.

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