A Secured Service Framework for Mobile Agent based Distributed Systems

T.I. Wang, M.-C. Lee, and D.-Y. Ye (Taiwan)


Mobile agent, Distributed Systems, Secured Service Framework.


This paper presents a Secured Service Framework for mobile agent based distributed systems. The framework is designed in allusion to a new computation concept called the service-on-demand that makes the design philosophy of the framework quite different. A Mobile Agent Carrier Environment (MACE) based on the Service Framework is proposed as an easy and flexible way of building service-oriented distributed applications. In the framework, a service is realized by two closely related components, the Agentlet and the Serverlet; and their connection is transmitted by a mobile agent carrier. A security infrastructure is integrated with the service framework to offer secured service applications. The service framework, though special in its notion, retains the flexibility of a generic mobile agent system. It may as well support many other domains of applications without any difficulty.

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