The Design of the Reliable Communication Path in the Distributed Multiprocessor System

H.-S. Park, J.-S. Kim, and C. Youn (Korea)


Inter processor communication, reliable communication path, fault management, channel allocation, redundancy


In the communication system, high availability is an important requirement. Multi-processors communicate through an inter-processor communication path. Also, processors are duplicated for reliability. A high available interconnection network for fast processor communication is described in this paper. In this paper, high available inter-processor communication (IPC) is implemented with conjunction hardware and software redundancy. Hardware structure provides a physical duplex channel, error detection and a fault recovery. Also, the software structure provides the logical duplex channel, the periodic management of the IPC path and the loss recovery of the IPC message through protocol. We also used the two method of channel allocation, which are static and dynamic, in this paper. The static allocation method is simple but has not scalability. Dynamic allocation is difficult method but has scalability. Finally, this paper describes the process of fault detection and recovery on the path duplication of the IPC in distributed multiprocessor system.

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