Analysis and Algorithms for Partitioning of Large-scale Adaptive Mobile Networks

B. Xiao, Q. Zhuge, E.H.-M. Sha (USA), and C. Chantrapornchai (Thailand)


Partitioning algorithms, Adaptive mobile network


In adaptive mobile network like battle fields or military applications, the base station configuration may change dynamically. Mobile nodes communicate via a base station and can move freely. This dynamic change together with the constraints make the assignment of mobile nodes to base stations difficult. In this paper, we propose the polynomial-time algorithms to find a good partitioning of mobile node assignment. We also show that the assignment of mobile nodes to base stations under bandwidth and communication constraints is NP-complete. We propose two graph models to represent mobile node communication requirement as well as base station configuration. Our simulation results show that our techniques can efficiently give a good performance close to the exhaustive approaches which minimize the frequency of a node that is not covered by a base station in the dynamic environment.

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