Nautilus, a Diagrammatic Specification and Programming Language

F. D’Andrea, P. Blauth Menezes, C. Fuzitaki, J. Machado, and S. Costa (Brazil)


Object Oriented Systems, Concurrent Systems, Nautilus,Graphical Notation, Nonsequential Automata


This work presents the diagrammatic syntax for the Nautilus language, allowing complete programs to be written using symbols and graphical diagrams. Nautilus is a high level specification and programming language having abstraction mechanisms not commonly found in other programming languages. It constitutes an elegant solution for concurrency and non-determinism as well as for synchronization of concurrent systems. The graphical notation was elaborated in order to be able to express all the structures in the language, yet trying to improve the visualization of written programs. Our main goal was to enrich the language so that it could be better applied as an academic language.

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