A Fault-tolerant Routing Strategy for Generalized Hierarchical Completely-connected Networks

T. Takabatake, M. Kitakami, and H. Ito (Japan)


interconnection networks, fault-tolerance, routing, HCC


As a network topology for a massively parallel computer system, Generalized Hierarchical Completely-Connected Networks (for short, HCC) have been proposed. For a routing strategy to achieve an ef´Čücient message communication on the HCC, a shortest-path routing has been studied. How ever, an algorithm of the shortest-path routing has not been developed enough. In this paper, the algorithm based on the shortest-path routing strategy is presented. Furthermore, a fault-tolerant routing strategy is proposed. Since the pro posed method only refers a table depending on the charac teristic of the HCC, any other information about failure in a network is not necessary for the routing. This routing also avoids failure automatically and sends a message. Simula tion results show that the proposed routing can effectively avoid faulty nodes in an HCC.

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