TODS: A Distributed Persistent Object Store

C. Jin, W. Zheng, F. Zhou, and Y. Wu (PRC)


Object-Oriented, Persistence, Distributed Storage


This paper presents a distributed persistent object store designed to simplify scalable service in cluster environment. This distributed object store, called TODS (Tsinghua Object Data Store), presents a single-imaged, transparent persistent and object-oriented view of the storage devices of the whole cluster. TODS is designed to be incremental scalable and efficient, and also has the properties of the high concurrency, high throughput and availability which are necessary for scalable service. TODS supports distributed ACID transactions within the cluster, which qualifies its use in the building of complex transactional services. And the user interface of TODS is fitter for building service than that of file system, and significantly easier to use than that of RDBMS. TODS is a reusable platform for scalable service in cluster by forming many general data management functions into one independent layer. This paper gives the motivation, principle and architecture of TODS. Some technique details are also discussed. In our performance experiments, the system scales smoothly to a 36-node server cluster and achieves 11,160 In-memory reads/sec.

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