A Performance Analysis Tool for Distributed Virtual Shared-memory Systems

S.W. Kim (Korea), P. Ohly (Germany), R.H. Kuhn, and D. Mokhov (USA)


Performance tool, Distributed virtual shared-memory,VGV


The architecture of distributed virtual shared-memory sys tems (DVSMs) has been extensively studied in order to support the shared-memory programming model on cheap large-scale network-based PC and workstation clusters. Currently, however, few performance tools are available, and all of them have been developed to measure the perfor mance of their specific DVSM system. There is few fully integrated tool that measures the performance of applica tions and the DVSM system performance. This feature is important, since it is very difficult to find performance problems without relating application and DVSM events. Also the implementation and the availability of the other tools are highly platform-dependent. In this paper, we introduce a performance analysis tool for DVSM systems, based on the VGV tool [1]. We developed a portable client-server tracing library, called libVTcs, which can be applied to log events on client server architectures. We instrumented the runtime libraries of the ThreadMarks DVSM system with libVTcs API calls. The libVTcs collects events locally on each pro cess at runtime, synchronizes the data at the end of the exe cution globally and finally produces one sequence of events in time order. The graphical analysis of this trace data en ables the DVSM developers and users to find performance problems and to optimize application codes on the DVSM system easily. We present case studies.

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